Ageing and Globalization (Policy Press)

Population ageing and globalisation represent two of the most radical social transformations that have occurred. This book book-coverprovides, for the first time, an accessible overview of how they interact. Ageing has been conventionally framed within the boundaries of nation states, yet demographic changes, transmigration, financial globalization and the global media have rendered this perspective problematic. This much-needed book is the first to apply theories of globalisation to gerontology, including Appadurai’s theory, allowing readers to understand the implications of growing older in a global age. This comprehensive introduction to globalisation for gerontologists is part of the Ageing in a Global Context series, published in association with the British Society of Gerontology. It will be of particular interest to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and academics in this area.

Reviews for Ageing and Globalization

“This pioneering work demonstrates the urgency to conceptualize the different dynamics and layers of globalisation as they contextualize emerging forms of ageing.” Jan Baars, University of Humanistic Studies, The Netherlands
“At last a book that offers a comprehensive introduction to theories of ageing and globalisation while using empirical data to nuance our understandings of these phenomena.” Sandra Torres, Uppsala University, Sweden

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